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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Services ~

Augmented reality has become a real game changer in the world of tech. With the rising number of AR users that is projected to hit 3.5 billion by 2022, market players cannot but leverage the power of new tech to increase engagement, boost sales and enhance customer experience. Choose high-quality augmented reality development services catered by CRINFOTASK LLC and get a nudge to make your business prosper!

Why we?

Your success is our core priority. We focus on your goal to ensure you enjoy a competitive edge in the industry and have your goals attained.

Hire professional team

Our tech specialists are highly skilled in all the latest techs
to provide you with high-quality
product design services.
Experienced Team

We have completed a bunch of projects for our clients. Our team is experienced in creating AR applications for a variety of industries, starting from healthcare to automotive and fashion. Thus, when you reach out to us, you can be sure our engineers will provide you with quality consulting and build an AR app according to your needs and requirements.
Cutting-Edge AR Devices

Ensuring the highest quality of the end product lies in the core of our expertise. Our team of seasoned AR developers always keeps track of the latest trends and products on the market, which are always available for testing in our office. Whichever device you choose for your AR app development, we will make sure your software runs smoothly on all platforms.

Custom Approach

By choosing CRINFOTASK LLC as your AR app development company, you will work with a dedicated, experienced partner guiding you at all steps of AR product development. We analyze the market in real time to come up with non-trivial solutions to create an outstanding AR experience and go the extra mile to help clients outperform their competitors. We favor creativity and perfection, thus investing extra efforts into the production of impressive augmented reality apps.

Services We Provide ~

AR App With Geolocation

AR in Education

AR in IoT

Our Augmented Reality Services ~

Discovery Phase

You can contact us in the way most convenient for you: drop us a message in chat, fill out the form, or send us an email. Whichever way you prefer, our sales representative will get back to you in the shortest time. At the end of this stage, you will get a product estimation with a technical proposal.
AR App Development

When we agree on the terms of collaboration and know the AR solution we’re going to build, our team moves on to augmented reality application development. We bring together a team of qualified engineers to turn your business idea into a full-fledged product. At this stage, we allocate much time and effort to 3D modeling. Depending on your product complexity and technical specifications, we might go with one of the following options: photogrammetry, scanning, or 3D modeling programs.

This stage is focused on bringing your AR application to market and launching it on the platform of your choice. We create the accounts and fill out all the required information to send the product for verification. After the publishers approve it, we invite you to launch your app on the platform. Alternatively, we can send you a product with a codebase, which you can further scale or use for your business needs.

Our collaboration does not end at the moment the AR application is launched on the market. Our specialists provide you with extensive support and advice on the best course of action to undertake after the launch. In case you want to scale your product or need any other help, your development partner is always here to meet your request.


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