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Project documents and management ~

Create custom, high-performance Architecture Overview

Improve transaction security and efficiency of operations and ROI

Product Features, Technical Details, Use Cases and Scenarios

User Manuals, Whitepapers, API Documentation for the potential continuty

Why we

Your success is our core priority. We focus on your goal to ensure you enjoy a competitive edge in the industry and have your goals attained.

Hire professional team

Our tech specialists are highly skilled in all the latest techs to provide you with high-quality product design services.

Projection of the Software

At CrinfoTask, we believe in providing a comprehensive projection of the software to help our clients envision the end product. This phase involves:

  • Conceptualization: Collaborating with clients to understand their vision and objectives for the software.
  • Prototyping and Mockups: Developing preliminary prototypes and visual representations to outline the software’s user interface and functionalities.
  • Functional Specifications: Outlining the core features, user interactions, and expected outcomes for the software application.
Prepare Technical Specifications and Architecture

In this phase, we delve into the technical aspects and architectural blueprint of the software. This involves:

  • Technical Specifications: Detailed documentation specifying the technical requirements, systems, and infrastructure needed for the software development.
  • System Architecture: Designing the structure and components of the software system, considering scalability, integrations, and security measures.
  • Comprehensive Planning: Defining the project scope, milestones, and timelines necessary for successful implementation.
Full Documentation and Project Management

This section encompasses the documentation process and the management of the entire project, ensuring clarity, compliance, and efficiency:

  • Thorough Documentation: Creating exhaustive records of technical, functional, and operational aspects for reference and transparency throughout the development process.
  • Project Management: Overseeing the project lifecycle, ensuring adherence to timelines, coordinating resources, and managing milestones for successful software development.
  • Client Collaboration: Encouraging regular communication and collaboration to keep clients informed and engaged throughout the project’s progression.
Services We Provide ~

Projection of functionalities of system steakholders

Projection of system architecture and overview

Scalebility of Modeules and potentilal integrations

Project management, and all realted documentations


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